Because Zen makes sense

Zen Simplicity

To me zen is all about simplicity. With mindfulness as the path, and meditation as the practice, zen is about a life enhancing

* right awareness

* right understanding

* right friendliness.

Some would say this is to simple. Perhaps they are right, and I would also usually elaborate each point to a certain degree. But I am afraid of beeing trapped in intellectuality, grumbling, dogma and complexity.

I am also afraid of being trapped in a misunderstood feeling of safety through believes, faith and standards.

Zen is about my own experiencing of what is true and good, not an unreserved accept of others sayings and points of view. Respect of others, yes, but accept only after I myself have found it valid in my own mindfulness and understanding.

Zen is about true insight in the every moment of this life, letting go of unproven metaphysics and religion. Zen life is flow and change, interconnectivity, oneness, and letting go.

Naive and childish, but to me that is zen in its core simplicity. And I prefer to keep it that way.


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