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Trivial Buddhist

I never actually considered myself a buddhist. Using the term felt like making a confession, signaling affiliation to some complex religious system to which I can not identify with.

But I think I may call myself a trivial buddhist. Trivial comes from the latin word trivium, a place where three roads meet. My trivial buddhisms roads are what I mentioned in another post: awareness, understanding and friendliness.

This is my kind of buddhism, my zen. It is not very elaborate, pure or intellectual. But in a sense it is just trivial buddhism, and I guess that makes me a trivial buddhist.


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7 thoughts on “Trivial Buddhist

  1. Chico on said:

    One could do worse than be a trivial Buddhist.

  2. I always used ‘trivial’ in the sense of banal, this way is much better.

    • Perhaps there is no actual difference. Zen is intuitive sensible, you may call it almost banal wisdom. Trivial includes also a meaning av “everyday” or “common”, so it goes beyond the meaning of banal. But actually I consider my buddhism rather banal as well. Thanks for your comment

  3. I love this. What a great explanation, and it does make sense to me.

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