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The Comfort of Impermanence

While we usually strive for something constant, something permanent, something that is not changing, we miss the blessings of impermanence. It is in the change we find the permanence, because everything is change.

We tend to cling to what we experience as pleasant, beautiful and good, while we try to avoid the unpleasant. Because our striving for something permanent is not a striving for permanence as such, but a strive for the all goods in life. It is a fruitless, and mindless, use of energy. We know that also pleasures will come and go.

Actually it is the shifts that make us experience the good and pleasurable. With only pleasures we would be unable to feel pleasures as pleasures, the good as  good. It is the contrast to our less pleasant experiences that make our pleasures valuable. It is the shifts, the change, the impermanence, that make us aware of our blessings.

And the c omfort of impermanence is that even our pain, our frustrations, and our not-so-good experiences will go away, change. For even they are impermanent.  When nothing lasts for ever, we can face the life relaxed, and in confidence that we will receive our share of both good and bad. And we can rest in the fact that the permanence of change is the only permanence worth striving for.


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2 thoughts on “The Comfort of Impermanence

  1. Love this – such a great reminder.

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