Because Zen makes sense

A Meeting With Yourself

An ad for Norwegian railways suggest that  travel by train gives us the opportunity to “have a meeting with ourselves”. Wonderful expressed, it is mindfulness in its core essence. To me meditation is my meeting with myself.

Seen from outside my sitting can seem a waste of time, a selfish and egocentric act. In my experience this meeting with myself, where I “bring my mind back home”, is of course time I decide to use on my own, and on my own well-being. I agree, it can seem egocentric.

But meditation is about building that calmness, that insight and awareness, that prepare me mentally also to be friendly towards others, to be aware of them with empathy and understanding. Basically meditation helps me to wipe out the boundaries between us, ther is less “me” and “them”. Meditation strengthten my sense of interconnectivity, one one-ness.

But even without it, because meditation makes me good, is beneficial to myself, I think I deserve this “meeting with myself”, this way av self-care and self-empathy. It is not only a privilege to meditate, it is an accept of my basic needs, it is me taking responsibility for myself. And that is also my obligation to be aware of my own needs, and taking care of my own needs.

Trouble is that so few put aside time for meetings with themselves. We all deserve to mindfully and focused use time on ourselves. I think the ad from Norway contains that wisdom we all need; having meetings with ourselves.


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