Because Zen makes sense



This was my morning view when I started my meditation. After several hot days, I thought I would greet the sun and the day outside. What I did not consider was a very cold breeze from North. While the sun was warming, the wind made the sitting very uncomfortable.

The first reminder, being absolute aware of the cold breeze, was that nothing really is what it appears at first sight. Focused awareness makes us see through the narrow, apparent, reality, and offer us experiences beyond the  seemingly obvious.

The second reminder is that everything is impermanence , everything is shifting, everything is change. The warm day of yesterday had been replaced by a colder breeze today. The weather shifts, like everything else in life. Pleasures are not permanent, neither are sufferings. We are changing, and our conditions are changing. When we accept this, instead of clinging to what never really lasts, we are able to relaxe, and greet life as life meets us.

And perhaps a third reminder: Meditation is series of such reminders if we are aware, and embrace them as blessings.


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