Because Zen makes sense

Don’t Expect Me To

‘Don’t expect me to’, she said. At first I felt irritated, I felt it unfair, and I denied having expected anything at all. In a way I was right, I did not expect what she thought I was expecting.

But then I realized that my life is full of expectations, on my own behalf, and of expectations regarding others. And those expectations often leads to what I try to avoid: disappointments and judgments. The only thing I actually owns is the moment here and now. And that should be my focus, not the uncertainty in expectations about what’s to come, what others may do, what I myself should and shouldn’t.

‘I never promised you a rose garden’. So true, we were never promised anything, basically we were never entitled to receive only the good life, we were never promised to get our expectations fulfilled. But we are obliged to take responsibility for our own lives.


‘Don’t expect me to’.

What a wonderful statement that is. I am not in the right to expect anything, and I shouldn’t expect anything. I shall accept what is given to me. And from there its all up to myself.


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