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Mind My Steps

A walk with my camera has always been a mindful activity, even before I had heard of mindfulness. Looking for possible scenes make me focused and aware, whether I am doing still photography or doing some video. After I started meditating I try to turn my walks also in to a meditation in itself, and I find the combination of walk, photography and nature very rewarding, both mentally and physically.

It is more difficult if I am not alone, but even together with others, I try to be mindful. And the camera helps me stay focused even then. Editing my pictures or my videos is also an activity that force me to be concentrated, again mindful activities. This is some kind of natural mindfulness, in the spirit of Lao Tzu and in accordance with the core of Tao. It is the “zen of photography”.

And everywhere the beauty meets me, as here, and today, this little butterfly just sitting there, inviting me to take a picture.


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2 thoughts on “Mind My Steps

  1. I just LOVE what you write, that is exact my exerience too. Walking, most often in the woods, with my dogs and my camera is very rewarding and kind of meditative for me too. I find it hard to find pure “zen captures” but often when I look back on my images, they have that kind of zen feeling anyway.
    Thank you for sharing such great inspiration!

    • Thanks for your kind comment. We are not alone. I just read the latest National Geographic Magazine, where the photographer Lynn Johnson comment on here photography: “Photography is not unlike meditation. It’s a mind always at the ready. You go in knowing your story, then you are respectful of what and who is present”.

      PS: I love your blog. It is wonderful with absolute zen in your pictures.

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