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Craving For Immediate Satisfaction

The world is changing, technology is changing. Everything goes faster. And we are even destroying our environment in a speed no one could ever imagine just a few years ago. Perhaps we think that we are in control of the changes. Well, we are not. The changes shape us in a way I would have thought impossible. Since everything goes faster, we get tuned in to a hastened life, a life with less space for reflection and mindfulness.

I write this on a PC, instead of by hand or on a typewriter. I can publish immediate for a whole world to see (No, I do not think I get that amount of visitors. But in principle it is possible for all to see). I find facts in a moment via PC, wireless and internet, instead of ordering an article or reading a book. And I almost demand this immediate satisfactions of my more or less important needs. It has been a craving, an automatic way of life which puts me in danger of dissatisfaction even when experiencing  the slightest delay. I have more or less deliberately chosen an imprisonment, not in jail, but in a spiral av steadily increasing speed.

What made me think of this was a visit to the excellent photographic blog Shimmering Grains. Marie writes about analog photography, and demonstrates with the most beautiful pictures. While I always do digital photography, with the immediate satisfaction of watching my shots, with the immediate satisfaction of editing and publishing my shots, with the ability to correct a bad picture on the spot, I suddenly remembered the time when it all was about film, of darkroom, of processing, chemicals, and my thrilling but patiently waiting for the picture to show up, or the return of film and photos. I remembered that I had to be focused on every shot not to waste my film, focused on camera settings, of my attempts to choose the right film, of my manual focusing. I suddenly remembered that I was forced to be patient, to slow down, to concentrate and reflect.

It is not about photography, film or digital. It is about myself, how I have changed, and how important it is to slow down to the speed of life. It is about a realization of the fact that my craving for immediate satisfaction has left me stressed and unsatisfied, locked in a whirl that never stops.

That is unless I myself take command, and actually and actively do something about it. Delayed satisfaction can be the best satisfaction there is. And it is all Zen.


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