Because Zen makes sense


grenerSince Taoism, Buddhism and Confucionism is so interrelated, and still quite different, it is sometimes hard to sort of draw the borders between them. And it is for some even more difficult to define themselves in this mingle of thoughts, philosophies and religions.

I came across a very thoughtful article about the topic. The main point is that the Easternes, opposite to our western concept of religion, not are restricted to follow only one. And the second important point in the article is that humans are multidimensional, and that our lives are lived in different domains. So when Buddhism offers peace of mind, Taoism offers a more bodily approach in a natural framework, and Confucianism offers a framework for the organisation of our social and occupational lives.

So why choose, if all of the thought-systems can be of benefit? Then the guidance of our lives would be more like it is expressed in the Wayism.

The article is anyway well worth reading.


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