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Small to Vast in Twelve Hours

Yesterday I was out bicycling in a cold and frosty November in Norway. I first observed the autumn colored heather on an icy and slippery  rocky seashore:


And then I lifted my eyes to wath the enviroment around, and enjoyed the sight of the snow capped mountains raising high above the lake.


While cycling on, I thought of the parts making a whole, where everything is both separated from, but still part of something bigger, and where small cannot be understood without embracing the big, and where parts can not be understood without the sense of belonging to something greater. Tao Te Ching, chapter two:

Being and non-being produce each other.
Difficult and easy complement each other.
Long and short define each other.
High and low oppose each other.
Fore and aft follow each other.

And then, on my way to the train this early morning, I stopped and gazed at the starry night sky. I felt the cold, the vastness, and remembered yesterdays experiences of the small and beautiful And I felt being a part of it all, the heather, the mountains, the sky, and the cosmos. The next picture is todays photo fra NASA, I want to credit tem for this photo, and all other pictures the offer that helps me keep a perspective on my life and my person, – being small and vulnerable, and still basically made of star dust and therefore of immense importance.


There is actually nothing in this little experience. It is all quite normal, I guess. But still I want to share the feeling of belonging, together with the feeling of being sole and alone. And most of all the experience of peace of mind. Tao Te Ching, chapter sixteen:

Returning to Heaven’s mandate is called being constant.
Knowing the constant is called ‘enlightenment’.
Not knowing the constant is the source of evil deeds
because we have no roots.
By knowing the constant we can accept things as they are.
By accepting things as they are, we become impartial.
By being impartial, we become one with Heaven.
By being one with Heaven, we become one with Tao.
Being one with Tao, we are no longer concerned about
losing our life because we know the Tao is constant
and we are one with Tao.


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7 thoughts on “Small to Vast in Twelve Hours

  1. wonderful when a cycle
    supports the wisdom of non-discrimination
    eliminating dualistic thinking and pairs of opposites
    settling into interbeing

  2. Absolutely marvelous. It all is.

  3. hello,

    peaceful mind mainly means to have the minimum amount of thoughts, avoiding compulsive thinking.

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