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Natural and Simple

Neither yogi nor a hermit
I roam the mountains not searching for anything
I love solitude as much as I love good company
I love silence as much as I love the sound of music
Belonging neither here nor there
Belonging both here and there
My yearnings disappear in the warmth of love
Found in the most unexpected of places
My very own soul…

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Mind Extension through Naturism

Formal meditation, – I can’t any longer think of a life without it. But mindfulness is more than the formal meditation. It is a way of life. Zennism, or being in the moment, embrace al existence. Being aware becomes a habit, – a habit thet often is fraud, but it being mindful is also awareness of the times when we are not mindful. We become aware of our thoughts wandering, and direct them back to here and now.


Zen is also being aware contexts. We can’t be aware of our mind if we are not aware of our body. And this unity can’t be understood without the interonnectedness with all nature, all living beings, the Earth and the Cosmos.  To me that means being aware of the sensations of my body when I am moving, when I am bicycling. And it means being aware of how I interact with my environment, with Tao.

There is nothing wrong with clothes. We need them for protection, and they are in most connections part of a community moral code. But to mindfully aware of our existence, clothes are a barrier against the genuin experience. Clothes are clutter, and contrary to a simple life. Naturism is an extension of mind, of meditation, of my work-outs, of my walking, running and bicycling.

Perhaps you believe there is no big difference between nudity and keeping the last, small, textiles on?

Try, and feel the difference. Feel the breeze and sun on places that is usually hidden behind clothes. Be mindful, and become aware of the freedom of being nude. Contemplate on your vulnerability, of your dependence, of your detachment from the usual moral codes. Feel how mind and body are one, and how this oneness extends into the nature around. Feel how i may feel strange, be aware of the thrilling excitement. Think of how you are judgmental  toward your own body. Enjoy your sensuality and sexuality. If you have been running, or cycling, how you are aching in some muscle, of where and how you feel tired. Spread your arms and legs and feel the air cooling on places you mostly hide.

If you do not like this, just get dressed again. No harm done. If you like it, making this a exiting and rewarding experience, be nude as often youcare for it, or get the opportunity to extend your mind through your body, your skin, and enjoy the feeling of being as natural as you possibly can be.

Some last words: There is no reason to provoke others with nudity, so I try to show respect to those who feel embarrassed. Most people do not mind unless you do not act as an exhibitionist, but to my opinion it is inappropriate to challenge the limits of others. I also believe such an behavior will reduce the mindful awareness of naturism as a mind extension, since the mind becomes distracted by all those social conventions  we try to avoid, blocking the real experience. Don’t be to shy, but behave properly.


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