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Into a New Year

Life is a continuing learning process. The day I stop learning, I become dead, even if I am technically still alive. So what I have learned in 2014 worth bringing with me into 2015? It is to much to mention it all. Something is worth emphasizing, though.

1. I must try to avoid working so much. This autumn in special has been overloaded with work according to my preferences. I can not blame anyone else but myself. Trouble is that I can turn almost everything I am interested in into tasks and missions. My boss and my colleges encourage my initiatives, but they also make it clear that my workload is my own responsibility. So in 2015 I shall have to kill some of my darlings to be able to mindfully focus better on choose tasks. At least that is what I am hoping to do.

2. I have had a naturist year. I have never been shy, but in 2014 I mindfully explored naturism and my own limits. I liked the feeling of being nude in nature, feeling both the vulnerability and the connectedness to the environment surrounding me. I am wondering why the most natural of all, namely our own bodies, should be hidden behind clothes even when nudity seems to be more comfortable. I accept that others have different social norms, so I tried not to provoke anyone with my naturism. My partial naturist life shall continue in 2015, but I must admit that, with minus 15 degrees Celcius outside, keeping warm is more of a challenge than nudity for the moment being.

3. I shall finish my book on mindfulness. This is a book I have started on several times, but never finished. This time I have found a format that suits me better, so the project is actually moving forward. Much is already written about mindfulness, so many shall question the need for another book on the topic. My reason is that while there are many books, I find that most of them do not have the necessary critical and scientific approach to the topic. Mindfulness is not the answer to every aspects of life. But used in the right way, it may create a big difference to the quality of life.

4. I started working seriously with ecology as a basic understanding of human life. Not the least I shall highlight the ecology of mind, the interconnectedness of all beings, and the need for harmony with the Tao. Since I work with brain functions, psychology and addiction, I shall try to better put all these phenomena into a framework of ecology. The implications of such an understanding is immense in the field of anthropology, development and treatment of addiction and psychological distress.

5. While I am used to communicate the need for mindfulness and harmony with Tao, I myself have a long way to go regarding both mindfulness, insight, harmony and loving kindness. Meditation and training shall continue to be an important part of my life also in 2015. Curiosity and exploration shall hopefully be a framework around my life in the year to come.

I do not have any special expectations in front of a new year. I have to accept whatever 2015 brings. Nevertheless a mindful review of 2014 is useful, and thoughts about 2015, could be a guideline for how I prefer to conduct and prioritize the next year.





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4 thoughts on “Into a New Year

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  2. wonderful aspirations!
    sounds like you’re already making progress
    towards that busylessness & interbeing with nature 🙂

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