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With a lot of help from my (spiritual) Friends

I had to reblog this from smlecalm because the message in the video is so important to reflect upon. Thanks to smilecalm.wordpress.com for sharing.


making the serious joyful making the serious joyful

One interesting thing about greed is that although the underlying motive is to seek satisfaction, the irony is that even after obtaining the object of your desire you are still not satisfied. The true antidote of greed is contentment. ~ The Dalai Lama

May we all have the spiritual friends needed to support us in these difficult times.
To help us see our inner lotus
as well as our deep mud
so that we may cultivate our gardens
and create beauty for ourselves and the world.

With support of others
great difficulties can be faced.
Together we can study, learn and live
in such a way that we cause less harm
to people, animals and the earth.

May our mindfulness grow
and practice of the four elements of love
that we can overcome
the three poisons of greed, hatred and delusion.

faith's symbols faith’s symbols

May we cultivate enough compassion

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Natural and Simple

Neither yogi nor a hermit
I roam the mountains not searching for anything
I love solitude as much as I love good company
I love silence as much as I love the sound of music
Belonging neither here nor there
Belonging both here and there
My yearnings disappear in the warmth of love
Found in the most unexpected of places
My very own soul…

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I don’t have to

My life is full of duties, has always been. There is always tasks to be done, and even those who should have been done, but have not been done. With all that which should have been done, and all that I have to do, there is a very narrow space for living in the moment.

Who else is responsible for all my stress, all my hurry, except for myself? The antidote is mindfulness, focused awareness. It is not only my house that needs some tidying from time to time. Creating space for being in the moment is for myself to take care of.


Everything is change, nothing is permanent. And to me it visualized no better than in the seasonal shifts. Spring, summer, autumn; the all reminds me of our own lives, from birth to death. But there is always renewal in this eternal changing universe. When everything is impermanent, then also death is impermanent. I do not care about reincarnation, my own eternal life. But I find comfort in the fact that there is always renewal in one form or another.

When Meditation Becomes Training

Mondays are difficult days for meditation, – for me. And the reason is simple; My mind is filled with planning of the day and the week. And that is also the case when I am stressed for other reasons. I focus, then loose focus, focus back, and loose the focus again. I must admit that loosing focus is not unusual when I meditate, but not to this extent.

Will this fact make me a “bad” meditator, failing in the most important aspect of mindfulness meditation?

First of all; It is not mindfulness to be judgmental. That fact itself should lead to the rejection of my own question. The question is not relevant at all, even though I must admit that the very thought may reach my mind when I sit there, kind of struggling with my concentration. In principle mindfulness meditation can’t fail in this sense.

The other fault of my judgment is that mindfulness meditation is about process, not about the result. When I get a this feeling of failure, that should also tell me that I cling to expectations regarding my meditation which also is a wrong attitude. I know, but I still sometimes get psychologically trapped.

My antidote is to remind me that meditation is about training, not about my success or my feeling. Focusing is a discipline like all other kinds of training. The doing is the matter, not the result in the short run. The flow of meditation will return, my tranquility will return, my ability to focus will return. Nothing is permanent, not even my unfocused mind. My mind change.

Besides, I have turned even my planning into mindfulness. If I can’t beat it, I just let my planning become the object of my focus. I experience that my planning in a meditation setting actually is very rewarding when i focus on it. And the strange thing is that when I focus on my planning, it helps me focus back on my breath. When I fight the planning, I get glued to what I try to avoid.

The flow of meditation gives me this sort of insight. To me meditation therefore becomes a travel in wonders, where I actually experience what I intellectually could have imagined. And even when I miss the flow, when meditation only becomes training, and I accept that fact instead of fighting it, my training becomes meditation. The circle is closed.

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